Playboy Mansion!


Been a while since I posted, summers are always super busy for me and I tend to spread myself out thin, sorry about that guys. I am very excited right now though, as I get to announce that I WILL BE GOING TO THE PLAYBOY MANSION ON AUG 15-16th for an advanced bootcamp with Savoy!

Why is this so special? Oh let me count the ways…

1. It’s the fucking PLAYBOY MANSION: Sure it’s not the 70?s anymore but this is still one of the most prestigious and ballin-est places to party. There’s going to be loads of playmates, models and gorgeous women to talk to who are all there for the same reason: TO PARTY AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION! Stating that women would simply be more open to sex here would be an understatement; they’ re EXPECTING it!

2. You got the most qualified seducers in the world there to help you: Savoy has dated multiple playmates i’m sure, the guy seems to be with a new model every time I see him, he’s also one of the best sexual escalators I’ve ever seen in action. I’ve dated a playboy model and seduced loads of other high profile women including (Canadian) top models and rock stars. We know what were doing and we’re gonna be there for a whole weekend showing you exactly how it’s done.

3. Advanced Seminar portion: Savoy is leading the seminar which is a rare treat. He doesn’t do it very often since he’s so busy but he’s one of the best teachers out there, maybe the best I’ve ever seen. Believe me when I say you’re going to learn some advanced stuff you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I’ll be teaching my “super secret routine” which in itself will let you ACE every date you go on and double the amount of women in you’re life! If you thought keys to the vip was impressive, wait until you see what I’ve learned in the 2 years since that was filmed. Keys will be a mickey mouse cartoon compared to the xxx shit you’re going to see us pull at the mansion.

4. Legendary Status: How would you like to brag to your buds (or your future children) that you got to party at the playboy mansion with some of the top seducers in the world? The mansion has been doing fewer and fewer parties over the years and there’s talk that they may stop altogether in the future. This may be one of your last chances to have this opportunity! Think of your children!

Go to to sign up if you’re interested. Seats won’t last long, believe me.

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