Whoa! whats this!? Cajun has blog?? Yes! About time I know. Seems like i’m the last person in the world to get one, but that’s ok, most people in the world don’t have moustaches, so now were even.

Why would you want to read my blog? Why, to hear all about my wild adventures of course! Who am I ? I am a couple things, the thing your probably most interested in is that I teach men all over the world how to meet and attract women. Besides that, I also: Attend film festivals all over the world, go to super secret parties, hang out with celebs, act in films, make fun of important people, and just generally be a dickhead. If you could describe me in two words it would be “International Asshole”.

This blog will focus mainly on: My righteously awesome stories, my thoughts and advice for you guys, random thoughts, and anything I decide to write when i’m drunk…in that order. And don’t worry guys, Cajun doesn’t “do” endorsements, so grab a chewy, delicious, satisfying SNICKERS and get reading.

Welcome to my blog gentlemen, please equip your moustache and leave your sanity at the door.

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