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Top 5 hottest women of rock! (And if I would still seduce them.)


Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m a huge fan of rock n roll. So I was thinking, why not incorporate my two loves; music and women (if you need help with the latter click here), into one article! … Continue reading

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Weird things happen to me…

Man, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me, I always seem to get into really weird or fucked up situations. My friends always make fun of me because of this. Anyways, some funny things happened over the … Continue reading

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Free lair talk in Glasgow *Now only 10 pounds!*

Hey guys,
Just wanted to announce that we’re changing things up for our talk that we’re giving in Glasgow.
We’re going to be getting a really sweet room at Arta on Albion Street, with a bartender and a sound system as well. But because of that, we’re going to have to ask for ten pounds, to cover [...] Continue reading

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The Vegas Files: Part 1

Hey guys sorry for such a long delay between posts, I’ve been busy with some scary shit the past couple weeks. Anyways, so the Las Vegas super conference has come and gone and for those of you that missed it, … Continue reading

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When I first got into the community there was a lot of interest in “cracking” dance floor game. I made an attempt at figuring it out and the only worthy thing to come from my research was this theory I … Continue reading

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Rod Stewart is a fucking asshole!

So about 3 months ago I decided to get a cat. It wasn’t really because I wanted a cat, it was because I live in an area in Toronto where pretty much every place has mice, it’s an artist community … Continue reading

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My favourite opener (and why it works)

I’ve actually kept my opener secret for quite some time. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and it’s honestly the best opener I’ve ever used, not because i’m biased either, it’s just the only opener I’ve used … Continue reading

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How I made out with Joan Jett

Sorry Joan, I couldn

Sorry Joan, I couldn’t leave early… The title of this one is a little misleading, i’m not entirely sure if it actually WAS Joan Jett that I made out with, but let me tell you the story and you can … Continue reading

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