Beyond Words Released!

I am proud to introduce the official debut of my first product: Beyond Words: The art of body language and physical escalation. Vercetti, Mr. M, and myself worked for over a year on this product and we’re happy to finally release it. It is going to be the quintessential body language home study course and includes guest presentations from Keychain and 5.0 who are some of the best instructors in the world for body language. In fact, I purposely made sure that if I was going to release a product on body language, something I’ve studied for years, I wanted to make sure that I had the best guys in the world to help me. This is that product.

Here are some video sneak peaks from the seminar:

There are only 500 copies available, thats the limit we set it to. This is THE best product for learning seduction on the market right now, I guarantee it. In fact I would say that nothing even comes close to giving even 10% of the advice we give in this DVD. We teach you how to move, how to stand, how to look, how to speak, how to touch, and even how to do nothing in a way that can attract women. We’re also including a number of bonuses for those of you who order today from the link I provide at the end of this post. You’ll get 5.0 on kino and physical escalation, Keychain on rapid physical escalation and day game, Vercetti on beliefs and inner game, as well as me giving a presentation on online dating. These are all bonuses. There’s also a 45min master class session with Vercetti and I answering questions from the Beyond Word’ attendees about very specific topics, things you would never find online or on a product. This is only for those who purchase in the next few days.

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