The Hard Way


Why do I always find myself in the most fucked up situations? For those of you that read my good buddy Tenmagnet’s blog ( you may have already read his account about what happened a week ago to me in Sydney, but for those of you that didn’t, let me explain the whole thing. I’m too ...

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New Tour!!

Since our last European tour went so well, me and Tenmagnet have decided to do another one! This time: Amsterdam – Mar 20-22 Barcelona – Apr 10-12 We’ll also be doing Sydney, Australia with our good friend and fellow instructor Soul who has a day game seminar the very next day on Apr 6th. If you’re around and ...

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Fixing your life: Part 2 – Managing the impossible task

The Impossible task I mentioned in the last article that the three step process to changing your life is: 1. Visualize how your life could be better 2. Figure out what you need to do in order to accomplish that. 3. Commit yourself to doing it. Numbers 1 and 3 are fairly straight forward, but number 2 can create some ...

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Fixing your life – Part 1

Are you in control of your life? Most people would answer yes to that question even though they’d be surprised to know just how much of their life is controlled by others. Are you working your dream job? Are you living in the one place you’ve always wanted to live? Have you found the woman (or ...

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Lovesystems podcast #2 Feat. Tenmagnet and I.

Here it is, we’ll be doing more in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for them. I’ll also be writing an article or two before I go to Texas at the end of the month. So stay tuned. Tenmagnet & Cajun podcast # 2

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Weird things happen to me…

Man, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me, I always seem to get into really weird or fucked up situations. My friends always make fun of me because of this. Anyways, some funny things happened over the past couple weeks that I thought I would write about here, the first one is ...

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I’m on TV again!

This time its a new show called “The Men’s room”. It was fun and they asked some good questions. This is part 1 of 3, the o thers are linked at the end of the video. Check it here: The Men’s room interview

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Free lair talk in Glasgow *Now only 10 pounds!*

Hey guys,
Just wanted to announce that we’re changing things up for our talk that we’re giving in Glasgow.
We’re going to be getting a really sweet room at Arta on Albion Street, with a bartender and a sound system as well. But because of that, we’re going to have to ask for ten pounds, to cover [...]

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Fucking with Europeans

Yoooo so i'm writing from my swanky hotel/apartment here in Dublin, me and Tenmagnet have been here since Tuesday and its been a blast. We did a free talk at Trinity college on Thursday, Tenmgnet talked about phone game and I talked about inner game and mindframes to have when going out. One of the ...

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Cajun and Tenmagnet Free Talk in Dublin and Glasgow

Tenmagnet and Cajun in Dublin and Glasgow! Hey guys! I just arrived in Dublin this morning, and wanted to make sure everyone knew that Tenmagnet and I are going to be giving a FREE 1hr talk in both Dublin and Glasgow as part of our European tour. Big thanks to the guys in the Irish Crew who helped ...

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