Savoy on how to get women

Love Sytems Dating Advice

The other day I was talking to Nick Savoy about the art of teaching guys how to get women. Not about the basics, the stuff we’ve covered a million times. The conversation was about what kind of guys who succeed very quickly and what makes them different from the guys who take a bit more ...

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Beyond Words Released!

I am proud to introduce the official debut of my first product: Beyond Words: The art of body language and physical escalation. Vercetti, Mr. M, and myself worked for over a year on this product and we’re happy to finally release it. It is going to be the quintessential body language home study course and ...

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Cajun on facebook

You can add me by going to I actually log in to facebook quite often. So if you’ve ever wanted to talk to me, or ask me a question, this would probably be the easiest way. I also just uploaded a bunch of videos

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So, this is very last minute but there is a conference call this Wednesday night, June 2nd at 9pm EST and 6 PST. It’s Savoy and I taking questions about body language. I have a body language dvd set coming out soon and this is part of the promotion so it’s absolutely free and should ...

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New Men’s Room Interview!!

I went back on the show to hang out with Mark and answer some questions on Subtext, Body Language, and Online Dating. Watch it here

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Sex Matters interview I did on TV

Check it:  here the other parts are linked in the video. Is dating science becoming more tolerated in the media? Discuss.

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New Interviews

I’ve done a few interviews lately for a couple different websites, and I’ve really liked how they turned out. Thought I would share them with you guys. First one was with Attraction and just went up a couple days ago. It’s a great interview because they actually asked some really interesting questions, and tried […]

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Phone & Text game book release

Yoooo! My good friends and fellow LS instructors Braddock & Mr. M have finally released their long awaited phone and text game book, it’s called “The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game” and believe me when I say: It’s a monster. This is literally the be-all and end-all of phone and text game advice, not only ...

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Top 5 hottest women of rock! (And if I would still seduce them.)


Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m a huge fan of rock n roll. So I was thinking, why not incorporate my two loves; music and women (if you need help with the latter click here), into one article! Ta-daaaaaa! Ok but lets go over the facts for this article. 1. This is my personal ...

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Playboy Mansion!

YOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! Been a while since I posted, summers are always super busy for me and I tend to spread myself out thin, sorry about that guys. I am very excited right now though, as I get to announce that I WILL BE GOING TO THE PLAYBOY MANSION ON AUG 15-16th for an advanced bootcamp with Savoy! Why ...

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